Here, in Stepping Stones we pride ourselves in providing children with the opportunity to meet with the heroes of our community.  We understand the positive influence this has on children's learning and development.  It also gives our children inspiration for the people they wish to become when they get older.

We are lucky to have a beautiful nature trail and park a short journey from us. Walks, trips and exploration are all part of the active learning aspect of our curriculum so we take full advantage of the locations near us. 

Stay and Play sessions are incredibly popular with both Mums and Dads alike, and even grandparents. It is a wonderful way for the children to share their preschool activities with loved ones. 

As part of the national framework we encourage links between us and the community by often having visitors from the community. We have had the army, a nurse & a yoga instructor come in.

why do a christmas show?

Our Christmas Show is a big event in Stepping Stones. Children and teachers spend a lot of time in December preparing for this show which culminates in a thirty minute performance for parents.

Sometimes parents wonder are three and four year old children capable of performing for a large group of adults, is it stressful for them and is it in any way beneficial to children’s development to engage in such a labour intensive activity? With these questions in mind why do put such effort into this activity?

There are many reasons for conducting such a show. As with everything we do, the best interests of the child is at the heart of this decision. Our curriculum is underpinned by Aistear: The Curriculum Framework and at the heart of this is developing a confident and competent child.