Active learning is learning which engages and challenges children and young people’s thinking using real-life and imaginary situations. It takes full advantage of the opportunities for learning presented by:

  • spontaneous play
  • planned, purposeful play
  • investigating and exploring
  • events and life experiences
  • focused learning and teaching.

All active learning opportunities can be supported when necessary through sensitive intervention to support or extend learning. All areas of the curriculum, at all stages, can be enriched and developed through an active approach.

We combine our active learning approach with the Montessori Method. The prevalent theme of the Montessori Method is that every child is treated with respect, given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment, and allowed to develop naturally at their own pace.

During Montessori activities in Stepping Stones, the children follow a programme of tasks or exercises. They learn everyday life skills such as dressing themselves, washing themselves etc. They learn social graces and manners but also cover a wide range of subjects including Mathematics, Reading and Writing, History and Geography, Science, Biology, Music, Irish, Art, Drama and Literature.

We cover all subjects throughout the day through a variety of media and our topics differ each month.  During Montessori activities and indeed throughout the day we ensure individual attention, practical life skills and a commitment to the development of each child as an individual is paramount.