At Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre we acknowledge and indeed firmly believe that no child learns the same way. They all need to be provided with the opportunity to learn through a means that works for them, and that they enjoy.

With this is mind we have devised a preschool curriculum that incorporates the key principles of Aistear: the National Curriculum Framework for early years: Well Being, Identity and Belonging, Exploring and Thinking, and Communication.

Aistear will be the foundation for a child’s education when they enter primary school, and so is the basis of all curriculum planning in Stepping Stones. In our planning we divide the year into terms, establishing the early patterns of primary school.


We passionately believe that children learn through play and so we introduce them to their phonics and letters through the Jolly Phonics programme. This is a great method of learning sounds for young children and is actively used in local national schools and so helping to ensure school readiness. Watch the video below to hear the Jolly Phonics song;

Many of our activities are designed to develop fine and gross motor skills, language, imagination, emotional and social awareness and are, or course, presented to all the children in a fun and play oriented manner. Our staff aim to ensure that each child develops an early love of learning through our activities and materials.