Promoting Inclusion in early years provision

As an inclusive early years service, Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre is committed to the development of positive attitudes and strategies towards equality within early years provision.  

We continually strive to provide all children with the support they require during the fundamental years of their learning and development so they can participate in all aspects of their education while in preschool.

We fully believe in our role as advocates for children and families from minority groups and those unable to access the supports they need to enable them to participate fully in society.  Our staff are trained in leading equality and inclusion in early years education and we are also committed to working in partnership with relevant stakeholders to ensure positive learning outcomes for all children in our service.

With the introduction of the Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) in 2016 by Dr. Katherine Zapone, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, it has empowered early years services to provide an inclusive environment for all children who avail of the ECCE funding scheme. 

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